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First Chapter Reads E22

First Chapter Reads E22

Time Fracture by T.K. Toppin

This week I am reading from T.K. Toppin’s “A Collection of Science Fiction and Space Opera Short Stories.”

Time fracture is a tale where one man comes to realise that time is being stolen. In his quest to uncover the truth, he learns that he must destroy time and hide from its ever-watchful eyes.

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T.K. Toppin writes character-driven tales, loaded with mystery, intrigue and adventure, navigating the realms of Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction and Space Opera. Previously contracted by small press publishers, she is currently wading the waters of indie publishing and discovering its many challenges and delights.

T.K. was born, raised and lives in Barbados, When she's not writing, she can be found studiously working on her doctorate in Procrastination by binge-watching shows on streaming networks, doing absolutely nothing, and juggling the baffling realm of social media marketing.

In Other News

“The Hencha Queen” is a new release from J. Scott Coatsworth dropping on March 14th.

Check it out here


Silya finally has everything she always wanted. She's the Hencha Queen, head of the Temple, and is working to master her newfound talents. So why does the world pick now to fall apart?

Her once-nemesis Raven is off riding dragons, and their mutual friend (and her ex) Aik is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, a new threat menaces the Heartland from the East, and if she can convince a reluctant Gullton city council to prepare for the worst, she may lose everyone and everything she ever cared about.

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