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First Chapter Reads E24

First Chapter Reads E24

Shadows of Old Town by Tami Olsen

This week I read “Shadows of Old Town” by Tami Olson. You can check out the full story by clicking on the cover.

She’s the weird lady in Small Town USA who wears pajamas to the grocery store to buy cake. She’s always been drawn to the stories in her head, and spends most of her time with one foot in the real world and one foot in her own worlds. She finally built her dream house and lives there with her husband, where swords feature prominently in the interior decor and she finally has her witchy medieval themed kitchen.

In other news

The Dance is now available for pre order

The Dance: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction, edited by Ira Nayman. There's a woman dancing on the beach. Rachel low-key wants you to know that she had nothing to do with this cover.
The Dance: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction, featuring Rachel A. Rosen’s latest short story, “Do You Love the Colour Of the Sky?” is available for order!

What would life be like if things had been different?

The Dance features stories that traverse multiple universes to explore the way our choices and fate affect the directions of our lives.

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First Chapter Reads
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